Room for Imagination

I’ve enjoyed quite numerous forms of art with the help of todays technology. It’s the same technology that evolves art especially the younger mediums such as movies and videogames. As they technology brings both medium closer to replicate real life, the creators leaves little room for imagination in the audience. Let’s review and compare some arts and how room for imagination enhances the audience experience


Games is a form of art. It inspires and touches the heart of the player. I’ve lived in an era where games has evolved quite rapidly due to the advent of video gaming. Video games has evolved from tiny bits of pixels into millions of polygons on screen. The advancement in 3D rendering technologies and the up and coming Virtual Reality set has brought games closer into mimicking or “enhancing” reality.

But do we need games to be very realistic ?

There has been countless of comments on the internet that some big tittle video games now focusses on graphics instead of gameplay. Another trend I see is the re release of old games into newer platforms such as mobile phones, some which offers little to no improvement to graphics and music.

This Video illustrates the gameplay of one of my favorite video games

Limited animations, sound palette and colors was enough to make me excited. I often recall how I imagine the characters doing so much more. It’s another movie playing inside my head.

Theater play

I watch theater plays on several occasions, from the local theater all the way to broadway. The limitations on plays are spaces, movement and effects. Theres no lens that to be changed, everything should be perfect from every angle, they require stunning synchronisation between each players requiring rigorous training. But one thing theater has yet to manage is the complete realization of the environment. Yet again such things are not necessary, the audiences imagination will fill in the blanks with their own personal touch. One might imagine the grass are bright green or golden brown. But each audience experience is truly unique and personal


The advancement of special effects in movies, leaves little room for imagination. The creator has 100% control over how the art, visual and sound is perceived by the audience. Advancement such as 4D cinemas brings more sensory experience to the audience, yet how about the human emotion ? What happened to all the good stories, meaningful camera movements and  character expressions ? Call me old, but I felt all those are replaced by special effects, flamboyant glamorous shots, pretty actors and actresses talking. I learn to appreciate old movies right now and how the audience need to interpret character movements and expression.


Room for imagination provides a unique experience for the audience, I do hope modern mediums of art and it’s creators leave gaps and room for the audience to add their personal touch to the experience. After all who wouldn’t want their art to be enjoyed by many ?



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