It’s has almost been two years since I’ve joined the Executive MBA program and as the program is at its final stretch, It’s time for me to reflect on what I’ve learned. I’ve learned from prominent teachers and practitioners in the field of business teaching in front of the class every saturday. The bulk of my knowledge however came from the person sitting besides me. My peers are a collection of people who worked in different field who had their mettle tested. Their both young at heart and have their own wisdom to share. It’s been a pleasure studying with them.

As I studied the course I’ve reflected on my past jobs and businesses. I learned where I did right and wrong, and factors that I could’ve control and couldn’t control. I learned how to run it more efficiently, manage resources and new strategies. I remembered as business rise and fall, went through hurdles, restructured and dissolved.

Money, factories, skilled workers are assets. That’s what the books, teachers and practitioners taught you. I found those things as tools to achieve your goals. Money can be borrowed, factories can be rent and skilled workers can be hired.

The biggest asset you can have is sincerity.

Without it you lose the big picture, the purpose of your goal. Without sincerity you are just wasting your time. Sincerity gives you the extra drive to work through those long hours. Sincerity gives you the motivation to rise up from failure. Sincerity enables you to do your best every single time.

Nobody can guarantee what you do will succeed or fail. But with sincerity you do so without fear and regret.

Binus MME 18
Thanks for all the lesson friends

Note: I might edit this later, adding quotes from other sources.