I rarely went to a pasar in my life, yes I’ve been to a few wet markets when there is a need to buy something (mostly garments) but never have I been to a pasar due to the buzz it’s generating

The upper floor of pasar santa has now been the domain of unique speciality shop. Youngster that many would label “hipster” flock to this place for it’s unique communal atmosphere. Shops tend to be tended (no pun intended) by the owners them self, creating a personal relation with their customers.

One shop I visited was Bear & Co, which promotes it’s speciality Nitrogen Coffee, the store operated solely by josh is a popup store that opens quite irregularly. Customers will have to follow the shops Instagram to confirm it’s opening hour. The shop runs on an honor system where the customer pays and take changes from the box as the owner said “I’m imposing a little math here”. Shops are openly accepts food and beverages other shops as long as we clean up after our selves.

Another shop I visited was co-owned by a friend of mine and specialized in Cajon which can be custom made. One the of the shop owner Putra has been in the business of making and selling Cajon for four years. Now he sells mainly cajon for beginners which are priced with budget in mind to lower the barrier of entry of would be cajon players.

While many shops are closed during the week days mainly to their pop-up nature, I managed to quickly browse the upper floor to find speciality stores, barbers, small coffee shops in which one was the famous pioneer of that place (ABCD) and speciality foods that at times sold out very quickly.

Regardless of the “hipster” demography that some older generation find “weird” or annoying. I find that the space for youngster to dive into entrepreneurship is a sign of progress in Indonesia. The barrier of entry into this venue is still quite achievable for the young start ups who can muster their capital. Pooling the creative young into a community will hopefully boost the creative economy of this country. I do hope that more places like these pop up around the country.

Trip to Pasar Santa
pic by angal_z